What Men Say Vs What They Mean Flirt Dating Part 1

What Men Say Vs What They Mean Flirt Dating Part 1

08/09/2023 00:00:00

In the realm of online flirt dating profiles you will see the modern-day enigma code for understanding British blokes. Much like their female counterparts, British chaps have their own unique way of presenting themselves. However, it's no secret that sometimes what they say isn't exactly what they mean. Sirt back and enjoy a good-humoured jaunt through the land of dating profiles to uncover the hidden truths behind their well-mannered words.

"Rambling Rambler"

What he says: "I adore long walks in the countryside, reveling in the beauty of nature."

What he means: "I've been known to take a stroll through the local park... on occasion."

Translation: He's more likely to navigate the pub than hike through the Highlands.


What he says: "I've had the pleasure of visiting a plethora of countries."

What he means: "I've taken the Eurostar to France and dream of visiting Cornwall."

Translation: He's got a membership, but it's more of a social club than a sweat sanctuary.

"Telly Addict"

What he says: "I revel in a good Netflix binge. A cosy night in sounds splendid!"

What he means: "I've likely seen every episode of 'Top Gear' at least twice."

Translation: He's more likely to ask if you've caught the latest episode of 'Doctor Who' than suggest a scenic stroll.

"Intellectual Inquirer"

What he says: "I thrive on stimulating conversations about philosophy, literature, and the human condition."

What he means: "I once read a Dan Brown novel on holiday."

Translation: He's perfectly amiable discussing last night's footie match, but don't expect a discourse on existentialism.


While dating profiles may be a treasure trove of quirks and eccentricities, it's vital to remember that everyone has their own unique brand of authenticity. So, whether you're a "Rambling Rambler" or a "Telly Addict" yourself, approach the world of online dating with a cuppa in hand and a healthy dose of humour. After all, love may just be one witty bio away, old bean!