How do I know if I'm compatible with my partner? Read the real reasons why.

How do I know if I'm compatible with my partner? Read the real reasons why.

10/11/2023 00:00:00

You don’t know it YET, but you may not be compatible with your partner and the time to get on FlirtFinder the UKs favourite flirt dating site is sooner than you thought. Don’t shoot the messenger and don’t read all those worthy guides, these are the definitive 10 signs you’re not compatible. Honest!

1. You have iPhone they have Android

If you’re not on the same operating system you’re going to have some serious incompatibilities. Android apps don’t run on iPhone and vice versa, your relationship will go the same way. Time to for a factory reset.

2. They hum.

Not smelling, being smelly means they are comfortable with you. No, they hum, the low frequency sound continually emanates from somewhere in their mouth. They probably aren’t even aware they keep doing it. You need to change the record.

3. They have a weird name.

Long term this isn’t going to work. Your kids will have weird names. they will get bullied, you will be unhappy.

4. They don’t wear Crocs

This is very simple anyone who doesn’t where Crocs is not worth dating and should be discarded with. Test by leaving some crocs out, if they don’t wear them you won’t be rubbing along for long.

5. They clap at the end of films but not flights

If you are with someone who claps at the end of films but not the end of flights they have a fundamental inconsistency at the very heart of their being. Time for the one hand clap.

6. They call you Babe

Because you’re reading this then you’re neither a baby or a pig. They are either trying to infantilise you or worse still Zoomorphise (it’s a real word, Google it) you. Snuffle off.

7. They like Marvel Movies

Obviously, if you both like Marvel Movies, you will never split up and be happy in your Marvel universe forever, like err Quill and Gamora. If not, its end game for the kidult.

8. They steal your snacks.

Think about it, if they can’t control themselves enough to not eat the sweets you’ve stashed and are really looking forward too, they can’t be trusted full stop. Swiping your goodies is a sure sign they are swiping right while you’re secretly snacking in the kitchen.

9. They leave the final bit of cereal in the box and open a fresh one.

This is so disrespectful, anyone who does this is either too stupid to understand how to behave in a relationship or just plain rude. They know what they are doing and expect you to clean up after them. Bin off!

10. Their farts just don’t smell good.

The big one. It’s a proven fact that when you meet the ONE their farts will smell like wild flowers in a summer meadow. So fresh, so pure, so wonderful, unless you suffer from hayfever. But if their bottom burps don’t smell like paradise you are not going to have a long term future together. Its time to let one off.

You may just about be able to stay together if you recognise two or three items on this list but anymore than that then FlirtFinder the flirt dating site for UK singles beckons.